Note: All ITAR regulations and clearance requirements will be complied with--required if exported / sold to non U.S. Citizen. This will apply to most warbirds. Raptor Aviation is able to obtain this clearance for you.


1973 Nanchange CJ-6A

Certified to current FAA Experimental Exhibition Category (No range restrictions) Only 150 house since inported and restoration. Flown regularly.

MiG 17PF

Aircraft is seen regularly on the air show circuit. The new owner could continue with that program if they desired.

1954 T-34A

Same owner for the last 44 years. Prior owner U.S.A.F. Complete logs since new.

1974 MiG 21UM

Aircraft is current and has been flying in the U.S. since 2002 under Experimental Exhibition Certification.

1986 MiG 29UB / Fulcrum B

This plane is certified and flying in the U.S.! Complete logs for airframe and both engines

1981 L-39C

Complete records since new. Refurbished interior. Delivered with all inspections current.

NA T-28A

Was exported to France about 15 years ago The new owner decided to restore it. That job is 90% complete. The aircraft cannot be flown out of it's present location but resources are locally available to disassemble it for shipping.

1952 AD4-NA SkyRaider

Combat History documented by the Navy. Fully aerobatic but extremely stable and easy to fly

1974 MiG 21UM (2 Seater)

Aircraft is current and flying. A one half share is available for purchase. The other partner is an instructor in the aircraft. West Coast basing is preferred but not required.

1976 Siai-Marchetti SM. 1019A

Aircraft was put into service in the U.S. in July 2002

1967 OV-1D Mohawk

This aircraft came out of the military in 1996. It has history from Viet Nam to Desert Storm.

1968 Fouga Magister

The airframe was the former lead aircraft for the Patrouille de Fance Team. No expenses were spared!

1980 MiG 21UM R13

The aircraft is located in Europe. It is currently disassembled ready for shipping.

Fouga Package

This is a unique opportunity to purchase a whole package of upgraded Fougas. These are Fouga CM.170 Magisters that have been upgraded to the IAI Tzukit Standard.

Fouga CM.170 Magister

Fouga Magister with Marbore VI engines. Good condition. Certified with FAA approved maintenance program.