Raptor Aviation is a global aircraft sales / brokerage company.  The company was informally started around 2000 in Cincinnati, OH selling Eastern Block fighter / training aircraft.  After some good success the company was formally organized under the name Raptor Aviation, LLC. 

Since that time Raptor has become one of the premier brokers of ex-military aircraft.  Raptor has also become involved with the corporate turboprop & business jet market and helicopters.  Approximately 70% of our business is international.

While we continue to deal in the typical corporate markets, a large part of our business is related to special mission aircraft.  We are a global representative for the OEM of the only line of light weight honeycomb air ambulance equipment.  We can fully outfit an aircraft (fix wing or helicopter) for air ambulance service and have delivered such aircraft all over the world.  We also work with militaries and government contractors for specialized aircraft in a variety of rolls.  Our partner company is very strong in avionics upgrades which includes work for many OEMs as well as designing, certifying and kitting upgrades to be performed at the customer’s location.  We can do upgrades for both Western and Eastern Bloc aircraft. 

The principals of Raptor Aviation are Albert Heidinger and Lisa Heidinger.

Albert Heidinger is also a very senior airline captain with over 19,000 hours flight time---the majority of it as a widebody international captain but also current in little aircraft and fighter/trainer aircraft.  Ratings also include glider, seaplane, and some helicopter.  Albert has been involved with general aviation since 1976 and in some way or another always been buying, selling, or helping start some type of aviation related company.  These many years of experience give him a very deep understanding of the multiple aircraft on the market today.  Having travel to over 90 countries, Albert has a good understanding of what the local needs are just about anywhere in the world. 

Lisa Heidinger has been involved with Raptor for the last seven years.  She is also a pilot with her own single engine Cessna.  Lisa brings the experience of running her own business for 13 years, being a station manager for a large freight airline, and the manager and announcer for a six ship airshow team.  Lisa is our primary researcher helping us locate aircraft, verify clients and contracts etc.

At the beginning of 2012 Raptor Aviation moved to Florida and changed our name to Raptor Aviation, Inc. 

As you can see Raptor Aviation is a highly experienced company that is well placed to help in the selection, acquisition, and upgrade of nearly any type of aircraft a client desires.  We have very good contacts worldwide and the ability to locate the best value aircraft for our clients.

We are also DDTC / ITAR registered thus allowing us to deal with aircraft and equipment that most dealers don’t have the ability to handle.