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TA-7C Project


Note: All ITAR regulations and clearance requirements will be complied with--required if exported or sold to non U.S. Citizen.

For Sale - Vought / LTV TA-7C Corsair II aircraft project.

The TA-7C is the dual control trainer version of the venerable A-7 Corsair II, which first saw combat in Vietnam, and last in the Gulf War in 1991 before being retired by the US Navy shortly thereafter.

Only 60 TA-7C aircraft were manufactured by Vought through a conversion process altering A-7B's and A-7C's. The vast majority of TA-7C Corsair II's were either lost, destroyed, or sold to Greece, Portugal and Thailand, leaving approximately 5 examples in museums in the U.S., none in the boneyard (all sold to overseas operators), and none in civilian hands with the exception of this one and the prototype – which is far less complete than this example.

This particular aircraft was previously a single seat Corsair II - beginning life as an A-7B. The aircraft was the 184th A-7B built and was accepted by the USN in January of 1969. She served first with VA-56 and flew one Vietnam Combat Cruise aboard USS Midway. She was then transferred to VA-215 and did another Vietnam Combat Cruise in the Gulf of Tonkin aboard USS Oriskany. Her last duty station as a single seat aircraft was at NAS Lemoore and VA-125, the West Coast Light Attack RAG. She was converted to a two-seat TA-7C in 1974 and was the third airframe to be converted. After conversion to a TA-7C, the aircraft was retained by Vought for RDT&E before assignment to the US Navy Test Pilot School at Patuxent River, MD. After duty as a Vought test vehicle and some time with the USN TPS, she was sent to Point Mugu NAS where she spent the remainder of her service life in test support duties with the Naval Weapons Test Squadron – Bloodhounds. I have many photographs documenting the life of this aircraft, as well as copies of the original history cards from the USN.

The aircraft was de-milled per government regulations when sold through the DRMO. The aircraft was very low time when surplused, and has been hangared continually since the USN surplused her. Over many years, she has been pieced together for static display. Only a few parts are missing. Included is the entire airframe, both ejection seats original to this aircraft, 80-90% of the cockpit instrumentation, as well as many other internal and external parts and pieces. Provided with the aircraft project is a genuine USN tow-bar, many spares and extra parts, including: pylons, panels, and a vertical stabilizer. Not included most notably is the TF-41A2 engine and some other internal parts.

The desirability of a two-place, dual control jet warbird cannot be overstated. Furthermore, a flying two-seat A-7 Corsair II would be a unique and very attractive jet warbird on the airshow circuit. I have many contacts and sources for parts, information and assistance I can pass along to the new owner.



TA-7C BuNo. 154544 History


DATE                             LOCATION/EVENT

                                        (199 A-7A’s & 197 A-7B’s were built; the original A-7B  contract blocked BuNo.’s 154361 through 154573, with                                         the last 17 of the contract being canceled, thus 154544  was the 184th A-7B built, 383rd A-7 built)

On  01/30/69                   Accepted by the U.S. Navy as an A-7B

03/07/69 - 04/06/72         Assigned to VA-56 Champions, CVW-5

06/10/70 - 04/06/72         Vietnam Cruise aboard CV-41 USS Midway

04/08/72 - 08/17/73         Assigned to VA-215 Barn Owls, CVW-19

04/08/72 - 06/23/72         Vietnam Cruise aboard CVA-34 USS Oriskany

10/15/73 - 11/09/74         Assigned to VA-125 Rough Raiders (Riders) FRS

                                        (CVW-12) at NAS Lemoore

06/01/74                          On board CV-61 USS Ranger

11/21/74 - 03/29/77         To NPRO Rep at Dallas (Vought Factory) to be converted

                                        to TA-7C (fabrication sequence three = third airframe to be converted)

03/30/77 - 03/31/77         Retained by Vought Dallas for RDT&E

04/18/78 - 08/29/78         NATC Patuxent River for RDT&E

08/30/78 - 07/24/82         NATC Patuxent River, Navy Test Pilot School.  On  07/23/82, RDT&E

On  09/08/79  (P)             At Patuxent River, Navy Test Pilot School, modex 01,   

                                        red/white/gray scheme

On  12/--/81  (P)              At Patuxent River, Navy Test Pilot School, modex 01,   

                                        red/white/gray scheme

10/13/82 - 10/30/82         NAS Jacksonville, Navy Test Pilot School

11/02/82 - 12/21/84         NATC Patuxent River, Navy Test Pilot School

On  10/22/84   (P)            At Patuxent River, Navy Test Pilot School, modex 01,   

                                        red/white/gray scheme

12/23/84 - ?                     NAS Point Mugu, PMTC                    

On  --/--/86   (P)              At Point Mugu NAS, PMTC, modex 82 (Bloodhound 82)

                                        in tactical gray scheme

On  07/24/87   (P)            At Point Mugu NAS, PMTC, modex 82 (Bloodhound 82)

                                        in tactical gray scheme

On  07/06/91   (P)            At Point Mugu NAS, PMTC, modex 83 (Bloodhound 83)

                                        in tactical gray scheme

On  10/12/94   (P)            At Point Mugu NAS, PMTC, modex 83 (Bloodhound 83)

                                        in tactical gray scheme, (hangared)

On  02/09/95   (P)            From Point Mugu NAWC, modex 83 (Bloodhound 83) in

                                        tactical gray scheme, trucked to Port Hueneme to be sold

                                        as scrap by DRMO

On  11/27/95                   To Chino Airport, building E-2, hangar 31