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EMS Air Ambulance Aircraft
EMS Air Ambulance Aircraft
EMS Air Ambulance Aircraft
EMS Air Ambulance Aircraft
EMS Air Ambulance Aircraft
EMS Air Ambulance Aircraft

A custom unit built to fit a specific cabin.
Three place belted chest with full EMS gear
A double unit for a client.

MedStar Series

Common Features of the MedStar Series:

  • Lightweight aluminum honeycomb base;  lightest weight air ambulance base available
  • Durable
  • Fifteen to thirty minutes to install or remove the Medstar base

All units come with the top stretcher. Then we customize the unit to the clients requirements.

Base unit options available:

  • Oxygen
  • Air
  • Vacuum
  • Electrical service; 110 vac, 220 vac, 28 vac
  • Digital display unit
  • IV Pole
  • Drawers or shelves optional---1 to 4 drawers / shelves,  
  • Heated and/or locking for draws & shelves available

MedStar bases may be fabricated to meet fixed wing and helicopter requirements. Honeycomb aluminum has the advantage, versus traditional construction, of being molded as sheets with rivets and epoxy. Honeycomb aluminum construction does not have bolts and screws that may cause noise over time. Honeycomb aluminum has a distinct weight advantage versus aluminum bar and panel…weight savings that every aircraft should take advantage of. 

We can also offer benches that are certified for take off and landing for up to three people. These bench can be converted into a full air ambulance unit in just a couple of minutes.

Other custom units can be built like double base units. Do you need something customer to meet a unique need? Just ask us about your situation.

Since each unit is custom built, we can build the unit to fit your aircraft with the just the options you want.