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EMS Air Ambulance Aircraft
EMS Air Ambulance Aircraft
EMS Air Ambulance Aircraft
EMS Air Ambulance Aircraft
EMS Air Ambulance Aircraft
EMS Air Ambulance Aircraft

Medical Equipment

As a service for our customers we can also supply portable medical equipment that is normally used on board the aircraft.  Below are some common items that we recommend. 

Propaq MD

Oxylog 3000 plus

Airborne Transport Incubators
We recommend the Oxylog 300 plus as this portable wentilator is one of the best in the industry.

This unit has extended battery life. It is constructed of a lightweight material. Yet it is very durable.

This unit has intergrated mainstream CO2 monitoring and help confirm correct intubation adn ventilation performance.

This unit has been tested in fixed wing and rotary wind aircraft and will compensate for altitude.
The Propaq is the smallest lightest most advance monitor / defibrullaotr for military and air medical operations. It is 60% smaller and 40% lighter than similiar units.

The long lasting rechargeable battery system provides worldwide land, sea, or air operating capabilities.

This multifunctional monitoring unit is compatible with adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients---no need to carry multiple units.

Being that the unit is both a defibrillator and monitor, you can eliminate the cost and space needed for other equipment as the one unit replaces two devices.

It is capable of 3, 5, and 12 lead EKG, downloading all patient data to external storage devices or laptop computers give the ability to transmit the data to ta receiving medical facility while in transit.
This new model includes an updated display system, improved thermal function, expanded options for monitoring and ventilation while retaining the same footprint from the 20H/20L adn is the compatible with most systems for ground and air transport.

We recommond placing this unit on top of a custom built cabinet which can house the medical and monitoring equipment. Out top stretcher can be used as shown in the lower right photos as our units are interchangeable with all of our products enabling you to easily move and relocate the patient to other stations in the aircraft.