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EMS Air Ambulance Aircraft
EMS Air Ambulance Aircraft
EMS Air Ambulance Aircraft
EMS Air Ambulance Aircraft
EMS Air Ambulance Aircraft
EMS Air Ambulance Aircraft

Benefits of Aero Medical Products                       

Aero Medical Products is the only manufacturer that custom designs and engineers all products to client and aircraft specifications. We do not mass produce units or make the assumption the one unit meets the needs of all.

Aero Medical Products medical interiors ARE NOT restricted to a specific station location in an aircraft cabin. The base unit may be placed anywhere in the cabin that does not obstruct an entry/exit way.

Our products are very easy to install and remove. The base unit fits seat tracks or seat posts with four simple, secure fasteners. Typical installation or removal time, by two people, is 15- 30 minutes. This process is simply and safely completed by pilots, aircraft technicians or medical staff.

Our stretcher units are specifically designed to allow the straight and level entry of a patient into an aircraft as small as a Cessna 400 while allowing the patient to be placed either head or foot first.

Aero Medical Products has FAA STC's and EASA certifications for more than 2600+ aircraft models-more than any other firm in the market. STC's are added according to market needs.

Custom aircraft medical interiors available! Mid-size to large business jets, regional to airline jets, and helicopters are being custom outfitted for executive, dignitary and government service with dedicated or convertible medical interiors.

Aero Medical Products Custom Aircraft Medical Interiors offer comfort and complete medical care facilities. Convertible medical interiors maybe hidden as divans (couches).  The entire medical interior maybe contained within the base.

We are the only aero medical manufacturer to use lightweight, honeycomb aluminum with superior strength, approved by both the FAA and EASA.

We manufacture simple rescue models to complete medical and trauma intensive care systems.

We offer two series of aircraft medical beds:

  • The Medstar base is lightweight, honeycomb aluminum with superior strength.
  • The Classic base is an exceptionally lightweight steel frame.

All units can be equipped with:

  • oxygen
  • electric inverter (115 or 230 vac)
  • 12-24-28 volts dc service
  • suction pumps
  • compressed air pumps
  • IV poles

Our optional touch screen overhead control panel displays:

  • cabin pressure altitude,
  • inverter voltage output, 
  • oxygen tank pressure,
  • air pressure,
  • suction,
  • controls on/off of all devices.

We also manufacture three types of custom loading ramps so there is a ramp to fit any size aircraft.

Aero Medical Products provides all customers with a phone number allowing them to reach a senior member of our staff 24/7/365 so we are able to provide superior customer service!

We can meet all of your requirements!

Our aircraft medical interiors are designed to accommodate simple rescue service operations up through full medical and trauma intensive care operations requiring a wide range of equipment.  Some missions include:

  • Hospital to hospital transfers
  • Remote site to hospital transfers
  • Long range international and intercontinental medical transportation
  • Dedicated air ambulance or multi-role aircraft
  • Basic transportation
  • Advanced medical and trauma life support
  • Neonatal transportation
  • Bariatric service
  • VIP airline series aircraft desiring emergency medical or medical suite service
  • Corporate aircraft desiring emergency medical transportation capability
  • Harsh environment operations
  • Sea plane, amphibious aircraft
  • Helicopters or fix-wing aircraft
  • Intra aortic balloon pump transfers
  • ECMO transfers